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Gluten Free Flavors

Most Ice Cream is made from cream, milk & sugar and our base contains no gluten, however many ingredients we add contain gluten.

Bailey's Irish cream - Black Cherry - Black Raspberry - Bubble Gum - Blue Moon - Butter Pecan - Caramel Cashew - Chocolate - Chocolate Chip - Coffee - Jack Daniel's Chocolate Chip - Slam Dunk - Cotton Candy - Sleepless in Seattle - Hawaiian Macadamia - Mint Chocolate Chip - 7 Layer Coconut - Pecan Praline - Pistachio Nut - Rocky Road - Superman - Strawberry - Turtle - Vanilla Bean - Vanilla - Mexican Chocolate - Tin Roof - Rum Raisin - Mango Cream - Wild Berry Sorbet - Lemon Sorbet - Mango Sorbet - Dairy Free Coconut - Dairy Free Coffee - Sugar Free Butter Pecan

Dairy Free Options

Magill's is proud to offer a full dairy free menu. Our sorbet options are water based, while our dairy free choices are homemade from Oat Milk 


Mango Sorbet  

Lemon Sorbet  

Wild Berry Sorbet

Dairy Free 

Dairy Free Coconut

Diary Free Coffee

Dairy Free Vanilla

Dairy Free Cookies & Cream

Dairy Free Cookie Dough

Dairy Free Salted Caramel

Dairy Free Chocolate

No Sugar Added Flavors

Weare currently

 serving 2 options of No Sugar Added Flavors

No Sugar Added Vanilla - No Sugar Added Butter Pecan 

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